Different Type Of Labels

Blank Labels

Labels are a part of branding and product identification. The label on a product must communicate the brand’s identity and values. This step allows consumers to become familiar with the brand. It defines what the product is and what it contains and it allows companies to comply with the law. There are different types of packaging labels available. … Read more

What Is A Package Label?

Brand Labeling

A package label is simply packaging used for the labelling of the product. The label applied to the package to indicate product specifications, its contents, health, and safety guidelines, branding or even contact details. This is the custom packaging designed to meet the needs of one specific product. When using package labels the packaging will … Read more

Factors That Can Effect The Lifespan Of A Label

Note Labeling

Having a good label on your product helps it look good and stand out well amongst similar products. The wrong label will leave you with a label that falls off the packaging, cracks, crumbles and loses colour. It’s important to make sure that the product is presentable and provides the proper information necessary for the packaging. … Read more


3000 labels min. order quantity per label



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