Reasons Why Full Colour Labels Are More Effective For Products

Many marketers argue that branding is the most important factor about a product, second only to the product itself. This is because branding is what customers think about first when a need or desire arises for your product – it is what allows your product to remain in the minds of your customers. Labels are some of the easiest tools to use when working on the branding of any product. Essentially, there are two approaches you can take with labels: full colour labels and black and white labels. Personally, we favour full colour labels because of the benefits they offer over their black and white counterparts.  

Full colour labels are more appealing to the eye

Have you ever walked into a shop only to be attracted by a flashy label that screamed for your attention? Colours have psychological aspects to them that we’ll get to shortly; when it comes to appeal, using the right blend of colours for your label can create a visual that helps your product truly standout on a shelf filled with competing brands. Simply put, full colour labels just look better than their black and white counterparts, unless of course a black and white label uses those tow colours to its advantage. To find out more about how to use both full colour as well as black and white labels to your advantage, get in touch with us today!  

Full colour labels have an invaluable psychological aspect to them

Several colour experts agree that colours can proactively invoke certain emotions for consumers. When you’re thinking about how your product’s label should look, you should keep in mind the colours that coincide with the emotional values that your brand stands for. To help you out, we’ve put together a brief list of five different colours and the feelings they bring out:
  • Green: Relaxation and bliss. Green represents nature and can possibly reduce blood pressure.
  • White: Relaxation, cleanliness and purity. White also has the potential to give people a sense of security.
  • Black: Stability and wisdom. Black exudes a certain level of sophistication and class.
  • Blue: Creativity and pleasure. Blue shades promote trust and reliability.
  • Orange: Vitality, hunger, and adventure. Orange screams self-confidence as well.

The bottom line?

The next time you walk into a store, take note of how the colour labels stick out over the bland black and white ones, and you’ll truly understand why full colour labels are more effective for your products. View our equipment’s Get your own quote today!!

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