How To Design The Perfect Label

The importance of creating a good label that will stand out and fit your brand values cannot be further emphasised. Along with advertising the brand needs to lure the customers in with its charm. There are plenty of products that line the shelves of shops and markets but you want your label to draw the attention of any potential customer as soon as they see its attractive and unique design. Here are a few tips to follow when designing the perfect label.

  • Define your target market: Knowingwho you are selling to is important because different people respond to different visual cues. This will narrow down on what kind of aesthetic the label will carry.
  • Company persona: Think about the company and how it would read to a person. What is the aesthetic they already carry? Consider its vision, mission and culture.
  • Know the competition: Knowing your competitors well will help you ensure that you aren’t using the same kind of imagery, typography and colour scheme as they do. This will guide you on how to make your label design stand out from theirs.
  • Label material: Choose what kind of material you want to use on the product. Consider the product itself and its packaging. Choose an appropriate label material with this in mind.
  • Arrange the necessary information: consider all the information that has to be on the label. This includes any kind of regulatory information, such as alcohol content, necessary. Does the company already have a company logo? What does it look like? Arrange all this information and create a hierarchical design structure. This is to make sure that all the necessary information is included no matter what, e.g. barcodes, warnings, logos, brand and product names.
  • Clear UPS (Unique selling point): The UPS should match the brand, its values and its target demographic. If the company is all about healthy eating,make this very clear on the label. Simple words like ORGANIC will.
Be unique and authentic in the construction of your design and you are sure to have an amazing label for your product.

3000 labels min. order quantity per label