Why you should choose Marmel Labels for all your label needs

Marmel Labels is a quality label design and manufacturing company that is the best choice for all your label needs. The designs are made to suit the requirements set out by clients. The labels are available in all shapes and sizes and can be made for almost any product. Here’s a few reasons as to why you should choose Marmel Labels for all your label needs:

Customer Care

With Marmel Labels, the customer always comes first. There are services for all your label needs, and they are all completed with the highest quality finishes. Every label is guaranteed to have an outcome that will leave you satisfied. The company is focused on the client’s choices and design labels according to what you have requested. Professionals sit with clients through the design process to ensure the design suits the label needs of the client.


Marmel labels has been excelling in label supply for the past 20 years. The design and manufacturing processes have been completed multiple times and the requests of the clients have consistently been fulfilled. With Marmel Labels you can be assured that you will receive exactly what you are looking for.

Wide Range of Choices

The labels are printed to fit almost any product such as a food jars, lip balm, and so on. Custom options allow clients to choose labels that suit the needs of their brand. Marmel Labels offers printing services for styles such as the following:

  • Computer labels
  • Scale labels
  • Full colour labels
  • Promotional labels
  • Packaging labels
  • Deep freeze labels

Our services extend to manufacturing glossy, matte or clear styles and the labels are water resistant with a laminated finish.

Marmel Labels offer printing for labels such as:

  • Bar code labels
  • Brand labels
  • Butchery labels
  • Chemical labels
  • Detergent labels
  • Oil labels
  • Juice bottle labels

Marmel Labels can supply you with labels for your every need. Whatever your business we can design and manufacture labels for you.


3000 labels min. order quantity per label