A Guide To Label Production From Design To Printed Form

Label production is the process that follows many steps between designing and printing the final label. These steps are very important to the process as they ensure that the final product is suitable according to certain regulations, as well as the specifications set out by the customer. Below is an outline of the step by step process of label production:

Choose your label

The first part of the design phase is the choice of label. Before you can start the process, you’ll need to decide on one of the many label styles. The most common of the label styles are thermal, semi-gloss, vellum, vinyl and removable plastic. During the planning stage, you will have created a general idea as to what your product label should look like. Use the information from your planning to decide on a label style.

Select a template

The template in question refers to the shape of the label. You will need to decide if you would like a long, rectangular shaped label, a square label, a circular label, an irregularly shaped label or something else. There are many online templates that you could find for the use of your product label, or you could design your own.

Pick your artwork

The next step in label production is to choose the artwork that you would like on your label. You could choose something extravagant that involves a lot of detail, or you could choose something with simple lines and minimal colour. It all depends on the product that you’re trying to sell. Make an informed decision using market related information before choosing label artwork.


The final stage, once all other phases of label production have been completed, is the printing phase. Choose your printer wisely, you don’t want to have problems during the final stage of the label production process.

3000 labels min. order quantity per label